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I came across this post in my facebook feed today. AND after just expressing how nice I thought the Sailor Moon community is. I have a huge problem with posts like this. They need to stop.

Here is what my full facebook post said:

Yes, to most fans the original is way better then the English dub. I love the original best, but I also love some things about the dub… like the music. Just because others enjoy the dub and aren’t informed of character changes and haven’t experienced the original, doesn’t mean they aren’t a fan of Sailor Moon. Sorry I hate seeing things like this. You do not have to know everything about something to love it. It just creates this elitist environment that doesn’t need to exist in the Sailor Moon Fandom. Knowledge does not equal love.”

Honestly people. We are better then this. I am not a huge fan of the musicals, SUE ME. The costumes are pretty and I love the merch, but that is where my love for the musicals end. Does that mean I am not a huge fan of Sailor Moon? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Love is not knowledge, it is not how big your collection is or how many versions of the series you like. It is the feels you get from what ever version/versions you enjoy. If one person gets their rocks off from the dub and hasn’t watched the Japanese version, read the manga, watched PGSM or the musicals IT DOESN’T MEAN THEY DON’T LOVE SAILOR MOON. Sure, you love more version of it, but the love they feel for the characters and basic story is probably pretty similar. Even if someone just kind of likes Sailor Moon from childhood memories, you can’t say they aren’t a fan at all because you love it more.


So for those who agree that all levels of fans are FANS… can we reblog this and open some eyes here? I don’t want to see elitism in my beloved Sailor Moon Fandom! Usagi would not approve!

I made this meme  I just logged onto tumblr for the first time and saw a drama post about it. It’s called a meme. Memes are supposed to be jokes. Sailor Moon fandom, why so serious? Sailor Failures made a whole series of these memes, it’s called “Vexing Sailor Moon fan.” I don’t get why this specific one I made gets a post. This is exactly why I left Tumblr. People are too sensitive.

I left the fandom/Tumblr a long time ago. I see I’m still very much hated for my sense of humor. :/

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anyone knows where i can watch sailor moon super s english subbed episode 148 omfg??

i found a site where they had all super s subbed and the 148 is the only ep where the 2nd part doesn’t work (because it’s linked to the 2nd part of the 149 FUCK)

and sdjlgkhls i really want to watch it sobs sobs sobs

on animefreak they only have sailor moon/sailor moon r/sailor moon s and yeah ;-;

http://www.anime-sub.com/watch/sailor-moon.html    C:

So they’re making a line of Sailor Moon costumes that somehow look worse than Hot Topic ones.

I can’t. I just can’t. 

Anime Weekend Atlanta

I will be Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Kari/Hikari from Digimon Adventure 02, and Trowa Barton from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

 Who all is going, and who are you cosplaying as?

I think I may cosplay her next year. Myu Mercury is my favorite Mercury, especially when played by Manami. 

18th August 2012 17:07
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Hey everyone! We have our time slot for Anime Weekend Atlanta! Our performance will be at 7pm Saturday night, same room as last year. Don’t miss out!

I will be there!

Badass blonde bitches.

My friend Bailey as Panty and me as Eternal Sailor Venus.

One of my favorite pictures from OMGcon. My friend Bailey as Sailor Chibimoon and me as Sailor Moon.



Even though I grew up with the dub, and as much as I love the name Serena, I feel like I’m almost being disrespectful calling them by anything but their real names. Especially considering how much the english dub kind of kicked the show in the balls with censorship. So I guess for me, It’s a form of respect to call them by their original Japanese names. 

You’re being disrespectful to the English-language version and the localization team by referring to the animated characters by a name they were not released in the country as.  You cannot avoid disrespect by choosing a term,  I’d rather respect the legal and intended term for my market rather than retcon it due to “magical Japanese” purity.

Plus, “Usagi” does not guarantee a flawless translation.  See the controversy about the manga re-release.

This reminds me of the Mega Man fans who lamented “Mega Man: Powered Up” wasn’t released in the United States as Rockman Rockman!  Or the people who were disappointed Dissidia didn’t feature Tina Branford.


"You’re being disrespectful to the English-language version and the localization team by referring to the animated characters by a name they were not released in the country as."

Disrespectful… it does not mean what you think it means. Preferring something in it’s original form isn’t disrespectful.

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I just heard a familiar voice on Degrassi… Sailor Neptune!
9th August 2012 5:45
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So I want to share this with you all. This isn’t a very flattering picture exactly, but it’s not about that. This is my and my friends at our Sailor Moon panel at OMGcon. We met the little girl in the center on Saturday. She  screamed and came running up to us (Me, Chibi moon, Mars, Venus, Moonlight Knight.) She was SO EXCITED to see us. She showed us some Sailor Moon fanart she drew and some comics she made up herself. She thought we were the characters!

She came to our panel. We had a trivia challenge at the end. She surprised us all by knowing the English AND most of the Japanese names! I called on her to answer some questions a few times. She got the questions correct and won some Sailor Moon stickers.  

All of the SM cosplayers present at the panel came upfront for pictures. We let her be in the center. I think we made her day! Her mom was really happy to see us interact with her.

I think it made my day more than it made hers. She even hugged me! This will always be one of my favorite con moments. This is why I do what I do. I’ve had little girls ask me for pictures before but none have been excited as this little girl. 

Hope for the Sailor Moon fandom: RESTORED. 

My friend Corey and I went to Nashville Anime Day as Usagi and Mamoru.